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Since the ontd_skating comm has reminded me that we have an LJ, here's an update:

We decided that figure skater Johnny Weir was the best and most interesting thing about these Olympics, so we declared him an honorary member of the Evil Slut Clique and decided that we're just going to write about him every day now.

After that, we wrote about health care reform, and by "health care reform", I mean "Johnny Weir": Hey look it's a Johnny Weir post!

We also got some very lovely fan mail about what lovely people we must be, only not really.
Evil Slutopia
This week we took a look at some rather…misguided comments about being gay from Kenny Chesney and Kanye West.

We also took note of the possible new feud between Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, and celebrated National Condom Week.

And we checked in with the American Family Association’s ongoing boycott of PepsiCo for refusing to ’stay neutral in the culture war’, which is now complete with an official Boycott Pepsi website.
Evil Slutopia
09 February 2009 @ 12:11 pm

This week we praised Sarah Haskins, explained the difference between sex work and traffcking, took a look at what the new RNC chair is planning, celebrated women in sports and reminded everyone to wear red for women.
Evil Slutopia
01 February 2009 @ 12:28 pm
We decided to start the new year off right... er... well, okay. Here's a look back at our January, for those of you who may have missed it. We started off January by celebrating the end of holiday shopping season by making fun of Kay's Open Hearts necklace. We noticed Amazon's Best Books of 2008 were lacking in estrogen, but we're happy to report that reality TV seems to be starting '09 off on a good note (or at least a 'so-bad-it's good' note). George W. Bush is out of the White House, but he is still a moron. (And the Republicans have some good news and bad news all their own). Barack Obama was inaugurated as our 44th President (even if he is "only half black") and he's bringing with him a pretty cool administration, including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Aretha Franklin as Secretary of Awesome Hats! We've got a pretty big to-do list for President Obama, including our Top 10 Choice Wishlist (he already fulfilled #1 - overturning the Gag Rule) and getting rid of the Defense of Marriage Act once and for all!
Meanwhile, Joe Biden came to Jezebel in a dream to remind us to stop slacking on the Feminism Watch. Keep on doing things like signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act (yay!) and I'm sure we'll have plenty to cover in the next four years. We realized that the Right Wing is going to starve if they keep on starting stupid protests and boycotts against companies such as Campbell's Soup for being too gay friendly and Krispy Kreme for confusing use of vocabulary (don't worry, the national doughnut tragedy was averted). We watched Blue Gal defend the anonymous bloggers who allegedly brought down Sarah Palin, we got called "morally void" for defending sex workers (stay tuned for more on this subject in February), we pondered why oh why is racism against Arabs still considered somewhat acceptable? (No, it's not just 'taking safety precautions, you douchebags, it's racism). Ann Coulter came up with yet another ridiculously offensive theory and old people are apparently no longer allowed to have good sex. Oh and our blog is fabulous, yes it is. And in case you're just joining us now, you can go back and check out our 2008 Year in Review. For more Evil Slut Clique... you can find us on myspace, facebook, cafepress, and even twitter. And of course, we are always happily accepting donations...<input ... >
Evil Slutopia
29 October 2008 @ 03:57 pm
It's your last chance to buy election-themed items before Tuesday... (and it's our last chance to shamelessly promote them). Here are some of our recent political products... The images here are just a sampling of items available, click on an image for more of each design.

Sarah Palin may be a woman, but she is not pro-woman and she is definitely not a feminist. Obama/Biden's policies are much more female-friendly than those of McCain/Palin. Joe Biden is more of a feminist than Sarah Palin is & has done more for women. The best vote for women is NOT to vote for "the woman".

You can't just trade one female candidate for another. Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is NOT good for women. The best vote for women is not to vote for "the woman", but to vote for Obama/Biden. Vote with your brain, not your vagina. If you supported Hillary Clinton, then you should vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Maybe you'll get to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2012.

You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin, but I'm still not voting for her. Dress this campaign up however you like... but McCain/Palin are still bad for America.

In response to Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani's comments about Barack Obama and community organizers in general... they're wrong and they suck. We think community organizers are important so we're showing them some love.


Sarah Palin misquoted Madeleine Albright... apparently she thinks we're all going to hell if we don't support her. Even though that's totally not what Madeleine Albright meant. I'd rather go to hell than support Palin!

See You In Hell, Sarah

Sarah Palin thinks we should teach Creationism in science classes. She may not believe in dinosaurs... but dinosaurs sure believe in Obama!

Vote for Obama Dinosaur

We're getting really sick of John McCain calling the American public "my friends". You're not my friend McCain! In fact, I denied your friend request on Myspace and Facebook!

John McCain is Not My Friend

I Denied John McCain's Friend Request (Myspace)

I Ignored John McCain's Friend Request (Facebook)

And of course, seeing as it's Halloween time... we can't forget about how scary a future of President McCain and Vice President Palin would be! Vote Obama/Biden... or else!
McCain/Palin: Now That's Just Scary

Check out our other cafepress stores too!

Support This Site
Evil Slutopia
02 October 2008 @ 01:15 pm
Voting registration deadlines are coming up in almost every state, with some only a couple of days away. (In some states the deadline is October 4th - that's this Saturday!)

So if you haven't registered yet...what are you waiting for? Go! Do it right now! We'll wait here.


Evil Slutopia
16 September 2008 @ 06:33 pm

The members of the ESC are all big fans of Bitch magazine, and Bitch needs our help right now. They have been affected by the economy and the declines in the magazine publishing industry and they're facing a financial crisis. The current issue of Bitch may be the last one if they can't raise $40,000 by October 15th.

First the bad news: The print publishing industry as a whole is staring into a void. Across the board, newsstand magazine sales are in a slump, subscriber numbers are down, and paper and postal costs continue to rise. But it's not magazines like US Weekly or Vogue that you'll see disappearing from the newsstands—they have the parent companies and the resources to weather industry ill winds. It's the small, independent magazines like Bitch that will disappear, because the odds are already stacked high against us. And simply put: We need to raise $40,000 by October 15th in order to print the next issue of Bitch.

Now the good news
: While it's true that $40,000 is a lot of money, we know the number of you Bitch supporters is in the hundreds of thousands. And we're asking each of you who values independent, nonprofit media and intelligent feminist cultural analysis to contribute what you can to ensure that Bitch thrives. And while we can't say what form Bitch will take in the future (our direction will depend, in part, on your feedback), we can say that we've been hard at work to find an innovative publishing model that will allow us to maintain the spirit and integrity of Bitch while also reflecting the changing world around us.

As a nonprofit, reader-funded media organization, our fate really is—and always will be—in your hands. We don't need a parent company. We just need you!


The Bitch team has put together a funny (and sad) video about why they need help and what you can do, so check it out. Cute dogs and wiener jokes are involved, so you can't resist. Just watch.

In this world of abstinence only sex ed and Sarah Palin and Miley Cyrus and gay marriage bans and Jordin Sparks calling people sluts and anti-choice groups calling everyone sluts and on and on, we need magazines like Bitch to help us stay informed and stay sane. Feed the Bitch today!

Evil Slutopia
10 September 2008 @ 02:20 pm

Dear Sarah and Rudy,

In response to your comments about Barack Obama and community organizers in general: You're wrong and you suck.

Fuck off, haters.


the Evil Slut Clique

PS: Show your support for your community organizers with a t-shirt or other item from our newest cafepress stores...

(Click on images for more items)

We will probably have more "election-themed" t-shirts (and more on community organizers) between now and November, so stay tuned.

Evil Slutopia
31 August 2008 @ 10:54 pm
Well this is it... Summer is over.

This has been a busy summer for the Evil Slut Clique!!

What we've been up to:

We started the summer off right with a trip to the IWWG summer conference... and a look at the Sexies.

We wrote about two awesome events... the Planned Parenthood Summer, Sex and Spirits fundraiser and the Bust 15th Anniversary party. (For more upcoming events, check out our calendar and feel free to contact us with any events you'd like us to add).

Since we're apparently totally into "all the gayness"... we celebrated California's landmark decision regarding same sex marriage, mocked the protests against McDonald's, and and said goodbye to Del Martin.

This summer we were also totally into the Olympics and (as always) reality TV!

We looked at what "Pro-Life" Isn't with two new blogs Rock for Life and What We Deserve.

And did a three-part series on Viagra and Birth Control:
-Bill O'Reilly Loves Viagra
-Why Insurance Companies Cover Viagra and Not Birth Control
-Viagra v. Birth Control: The Debate.

We're getting ready for Fall, by providing our readers with two back-to-school shopping blogs Broke to School and The ESC's Guide to Shopping for College Students. And don't forget that Halloween is quickly approaching!!

Also of massive importance this Autumn... is the upcoming election!
-Dumb Things John McCain Doesn't Say
-Better Luck Next Time
-Fatal Attraction
-Women Speak at the DNC

(You can expect a slew of McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden inspired blogs soon).

Other stuff you might have missed this month...

-We stirred up some major trouble over at UnMommy over a debate about the "pregnant man".
-We reported the inevitable break up of New York's favorite Internet couple.
-We wondered just how much it would cost to buy the rights to 50 Cent's life story.
-We congratulated Kathy Griffin for getting off plastic surgery.
-We saw Maria from Coyote Ugly out at a bar.
-We decided to buy a spy phone and a puppy!

Check out our other blogs:

Over at the comic blog, I Read While He Plays Video Games, we laughed at our crazy couple, dissected their relationship, and then broke them up!

At our more serious blogging venture, the Good Authority we addressed not one, but two abortion myths (post abortion syndrome and abortion as a lucrative industry.

This summer Chiquita told us everything we ever wanted to know about Frida Kahlo in another installment of her Art Series. Stay tuned for a new installment, on Ana Mendieta... but in the meantime, if you can't wait for more potassium-enriched goodness, you can check out the lovely musings on her own blog The Strangest Banana of All.

Stay in touch!

Be sure to check out our June, July and August archives for all the blogs you missed this summer. And as always you can subscribe to our blog in a number of ways... through myspace, RSS feed and now email!

Hell froze over this summer, as the ESC actually joined facebook! (Oh the shame)... you can become a fan here. And as always, if you'd like to become a member of our totally exclusive message forum, just email us for an invitation!

-The Evil Slut Clique
Evil Slutopia
27 August 2008 @ 09:17 pm
Because the ESC has joined facebook.

Oh the shame.

We know we said we'd never ever ever do this, but we got so many requests from our evil slutty readers/friends, that we had to do it.

So you got what you asked for... now you can add yourself as a 'fan' of our profile.

EvilSlutopia.com on Facebook

We will still keep the myspace obviously, but we didn't want to alienate all of you facebook users as well. We're still getting the hang of how to use facebook, but definitely add us and write on our wall, start a discussion or whatever else weird things facebook lets you do.

Stay evil, stay slutty!

-The Evil Slut Clique